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compression causes server crash
~Yoshi Zekponetheroden 01/28/2004 08:27 AM
Domino Server 6.0.3 iSeries

Just to mention what we experienced when using port compression and encryption.

The symptom was a panic message "data buffer too small" or "databuffer too small" and a restarting dominoserver. Before that the cpu usage raise to a 99% on the as/400. This server only has the mailfiles for 30 users as we are still migrating them. It happened sometimes 4x per hour, and somteimes once a day or not for days.
We configured 2 ports, 1 for internal use (no encryption) and 1 for external use with encryption. But most of the users connected through the external port even when working inside, has something to do with the dns, will be solved next month.
I suspect that when a user synchronizes his handheld too much data is transferred at once, at least with compression and encryption enabled.

Searching the forum I found several topics, but not on the symptoms we saw. Therefor I posted this as a new thread.

HTH someone

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